It has been clear to me since I started my CS degree that I wanted to write software for a living, and that on Apple's platform was where I wanted to do it. The release of Stanford's "Developing iOS 7 apps for iPhone and iPad" course in October 2013 prompted me to begin my first iOS app. They recommended Stanford's "Programming Abstractions" and "Programming Methodologies" courses as prerequisites, so I worked my way through both of these, watching all the lectures and completing the assignments. These were great refreshers and I fully recommend them.

Today my proposal for my University Final Year Project has been accepted. I won't detail it fully here yet, but it will make heavy use of the Multipeer Connectivity Framework introduced in iOS 7. This will be finished by April 2015, and hopefully released on the App Store.

I have been following the Apple Developer community for years, here are a few resources I find very helpful:

Michael Tsai's Blog
inessential by Brent Simmons
David Smith's blog
Indie Stack by Daniel Jalkut

Developing Perspective
Accidental Tech Podcast
Core Intuition

Ray Wenderlich
Apple's WWDC Videos