I have been awarded a scholarship to attend WWDC 2015! My submission can be found on GitHub, as well as my finished university final year project.


I am very lucky to have received a scholarship to attend NSConference 7, taking place in Leicester next month. I must admit I find it fairly bizarre that so many prominent Mac and iOS developers are descending on my hometown from all over the globe, but I am very much looking forward to meeting them and others in the community.


I created this website last year using Camel, which was good for what I needed at the time, but yesterday I chose to look for a more flexible blogging engine. I ended up going with Jekyll, and hosting on GitHub Pages.

MathsTeam 1.0.1

MathsTeam 1.0.1 is now live on the App Store, which fixes a bug where the game would end for one player whilst the other continued playing. A local primary school wanted to play MathsTeam with their pupils, so 1.0.1 includes iOS 7 support and a toggle for a mode with simpler multiplications. The update was live on the App Store just a few hours after I submitted the build, which surprised me as I was expecting a wait of at least a week.


I decided to submit my first app to the App Store today; a small app that only took an evening to put together. It is a two player game that involves shouting and anwering each other's simple maths questions, working together to try and reach the next level. It is inspired by the game Spaceteam, and it was a fun small project to practise using Apple's Multipeer Connectivity Framework. It needs a lot of work to improve the UI, but I won't have much time to work on it due to exams, so I decided to submit it in its current state and update the UI later on. The app is called MathsTeam and will hopefully be live on the App Store once it is approved.

Update 12th Jan 2015: MathsTeam is now available on the App Store.